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Registration Instructions:

1. Click the “register” link near the top right
2. When asked for account type, choose “Patient”
3. Create password – current email address is the username
4. Enter the practitioners account number (440219)
5. Submit registration
6. Place your order - Be sure all information is verified before submitting order



Pure and effective nutritional supplements


Nutri-Dyn recommends Metagenics nutraceauticals and medical foods for a higher degree of research, quality, and effectiveness. Through extensive safety reviews and human research, Metagenics provides higher grade, pure ingredients which exceed FDA-mandated GMP standards.


At Pregler Chiropractic & Acupuncture, we can set you up with a personal online account for the convenience of in-home ordering and delivery of your Metagenics needs. This is done at no cost to you. Metagenics products are also available in office.


Don't know what to order? A free consultation is available to help you get started. Call our office to get started today!

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